1. How do I wash my scrunchie? 

We recommend hand washing the satin scrunchie and air/line dry. The towel scrunchies can go into the wash with like colors, gentle cycle, no fabric softener (decreases absorbency) or bleach, place in lingerie bag for best results. Air/line dry. 

2. What size are the scrunchies?

Scrunchie: 15 cm x 15 cm/6"x 6" They are hand made and cut so sometimes there is a slight variation.

3. Do you offer wholesale pricing/wholesale for retail?

Yes we do, contact us for details: support@arcticrose.online

4. What if I have short hair, will your towels fit me? 

Yes, our towels are the longest in Canada but of course it works with all head widths, hair lengths and thickness. The buttonless design allows for adjusting the towel to fit your head perfectly. If you have short hair, there is more fabric to absorb the water.

5. Do you have a influencer program? 

We work with micro influencers in Canada currently. We are working on a brand ambassador program, launching August 2022. Please contact us if you would like to work with Arctic Rose. Email: support@arcticrose.online